When was the last time you talked with a professional about your wellness, lifestyle, or about ways to prevent illness and extend your life? 

It’s rare for anyone to address wellness and life extension or work with a trained counselor.  It is also a travesty that our health care system does not stress enough that lifestle has more of an impact on health and lifespan than a curative approach once we become ill.  Many people remain unaware that obesity, for example, is known to accelerate all illnesses and is a major risk factor for all cancers.  As a Health Coach, I can provide the supportive link to enable you to achieve personal health goals, avoid obesity, and enjoy optimal wellness. With an understanding of natural health and physiology, new developments in health science, and practical lifestyle coaching methods, I can, together with you, develop a plan that works best for your individual circumstance.  Whether you are predisposed to or battling an illness or just need to lose a few pounds, we can work together to provide you and your body with natural strategies to promote good health and a disease-free life as long as you can.  It is time for you to take charge of your health.

Come see how you can clean up your nutrition and lifestyle habits and change your life for the better.  Schedule an initial consultation today and begin taking control of your wellness.

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Harvard study shuns eating everything in moderationNew York Times

Summary: New data extending from the Harvard’s Nurses’ Health Study shows that while our exercise habits could use some improvement, our diets need the most attention. The foods contributing most to weight loss were vegetables while those associated with weight gain included French fries, potato chips, sugar-sweetened rinks, red meats and others. One of the researchers, Dr. Mozaffarian says, “There are good foods and bad foods, and the advice should be to eat the good foods more and the bad foods less,” he said. “The notion that it’s O.K. to eat everything in moderation is just an excuse to eat whatever you want.”